Normally, children of autism are unable to form social relationship and communication with people around them. In early stages, they love to be alone and act aggressively when people hug and touch. Besides, they do not have eye contact and lack of smile when communicate. Some children use language in unusual ways, such as repeating the words or sentences said to them called "echolia" or using single word to communicate.

The most effective method in helping them to grow up with an appropriate education is giving them special education that suitable with each of individual characteristics. This special education may be useful because they are unable to adapt with formal learning in normal school.

How to Help Children with Autism?

Homeschooling program is an effective way to help children of autism undergoing process of learning. This program helps them to learn in a comfortable learning environment, safe and free from any emotional disruption.

Home schooling make much more feasible for scheduling reasons because autistic child will have doctor's appointment and treatment like acupuncture. A homeschooling is much organized and flexible to allow for all these appointments. Educators in Homeschooling can maximize attention to children of autism compared with other educational programs.


More information about autism acupuncture treatment, click "Chinese Master".


I have a 17 years old son with autism syndrome. His IQ level was under 70 and having limited verbal ability. I need to always take note of his surrounding because like everyone knows, autism kids like to pick on the wounds. Although my son realized that he had autism syndrome, he still considers himself as a normal teenager. According to his class teacher, he likes to follow all the group activities in class. But when he was so excited, the behavior of the autism syndrome will appear such as jumping fun, talks to himself and keep smiling.

I don’t want to see him like that anymore. So, I brought him to THETOLE Chinese Master in Kuala Lumpur for some treatment. Chinese Master did acupuncture treatment to my son. At home, I gave my son Chinese Master’s herbal medicine called ‘Brain Powder’. It was made especially for those who have autism syndrome.

After 2 months of acupuncture treatment and taking herbal medicine (‘Brain Powder’), the level of my son’s IQ had increased to 80. I was very excited with the improvement. My son also already can control his autism behavior during in class.

Until today, my son still undergoes autism acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master because my son need some time to fully recover. According to Chinese Master, this because my son getting a late treatment. But I believe that with this THETOLE autism acupuncture treatment and THETOLE herbal medicine, my son will be fully recovered soon.

Janice, 35, Oklahoma.



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