Eczema Care
Eczema Care

Eczema is a disease associated with hypertensive response in the skin. Eczema can causes inflammation, itching, dry, redness, flaking and scaling. Eczema plan is important because it will help you how and what to do when faced with eczema. Many factors that can cause eczema such as allergies to certain foods, weather changes, dust mites, stress and others.

The following are precautions and care that can be applied by people with eczema:
  • Always use a moisturizer made ​​from natural ingredients or herbs

  • Use appropriate skin moisturizer. Moisturizing is very important to reduce the itching and dry skin. In addition, moisturizers can nourish new skin cells

  • Avoid taking medicines made from chemicals because it will worsen the patient's condition in long term

  • Do not take food that can cause allergic and food that contain preservatives

  • Has balance and healthy diet of nutrient-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and healthy oils

  • Wear loose clothing made ​​of cotton fabric

Treatment of Eczema with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a treatment that originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Chinese medicine benefits for people with eczema or other skin problems. Acupuncture is also an effective treatment for eczema cure that normally affected by children and infant.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture lead to long term reduction of eczema symptoms. For more information about eczema cure you can visit this "eczema cure" site and ask more details to TheTole famous Chinese Master in Malaysia.


I worked at a hair salon. Every day, my hands will be exposed to various types of chemicals. One day, I had noticed there were many small blisters appear between my fingers. It was very painful. But after I undergoing eczema acupuncture treatment from THETOLE Chinese Master, my allergies totally gone. To prevent the allergic from happening again, I took THETOLE herbal medicine. This because Chinese Master’s herbal medicine was very effective and high quality, and would not have any side effects. It’s absolutely safe.

Sung, 32, China.





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“As children, my siblings and I used to fight using ginseng branches. We watched my father treat patients and dispense herbs. It was our family philosophy to pass down the knowledge and to never turn away a patient in need. We had to find a ‘cure’ for the patient and money was always secondary.” - A famous acupuncturist and herbalist in Kuala Lumpur.. read more


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