Fertility Acupuncture

Infertility can happen to men as well as women. The most reason for a woman become infertility is there are no eggs come out from her ovaries while for a man, he produces unhealthy sperm or low count of moving sperm.

Amongst the factors that cause these things to happen are:

  • Your hormones may not be balanced.
  • You may have a tumor or cyst in your ovaries.
  • You may have a problem with your thyroid, adrenal, or pituitary glands.
  • You may be overweight.
  • You may have lost too much weight.
  • You may be losing too much body fat because you are exercising intensely (such as long-distance running).
  • You may be under too much stress and worry.
  • You may use street drugs or tobacco, or drink too much alcohol.
  • You may have a medical illness such as diabetes.

Infertility problem can be solved by undergoing acupuncture treatment and taking herbal medicine. This is because the needles are used to stimulate certain key "energy points" (acupuncture points) believed to regulate spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical balance while the herbal medicine can boost up the effectiveness of acupuncture.



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“As children, my siblings and I used to fight using ginseng branches. We watched my father treat patients and dispense herbs. It was our family philosophy to pass down the knowledge and to never turn away a patient in need. We had to find a ‘cure’ for the patient and money was always secondary.” - A famous acupuncturist and herbalist in Kuala Lumpur.. read more


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